Om Studio

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3rd Floor, Above Pashankar Auto - Honda Showroom, Jangli Maharaj Road,Shivaji Nagar, Pune - 411005

Fitness Types

  • Aerial Yoga
  • Traditional Yoga - 12 sessions
    Upto 29% off limited period offer
    2700 1908
  • Aerial Yoga (12 Sessions)
    Upto 33% off limited period offer
    4000 2700
  • Traditional Yoga - 12 sessions
    Upto 20% off limited period offer
    2500 1999
  • Aerial Yoga - 12 Sessions
    Upto 14% off limited period offer
    3500 2999
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Air Conditioned
Changing Room
  • Mat


“OM” is the state of inner consciousness empowering the soul to be one with itself and with the universe. Once we realize we are the universe and the universe resides in us, our inner consciousness is awakened. Here each individual embarks on their own journey of fulfillment. Om Studio is a temple of learning and exchange of different forms of art where fitness and oneness go hand in hand, the perfect platform to embark on a holistic fitness journey of the mind, body and soul. Their State of the Art Facility is fully equipped to enhance your experience and motivate your well being. They strive to create diverse programs of the highest quality, taught with deep knowledge and passionate teachers. Their certified and experienced instructors have been carefully selected to ensure you are taught the best from the best. It is the culmination of different art and fitness forms that empowers the Om Studio community to stand out.


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