Shree Dance Academy

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Shree Gym, Survey No- 34, Sopan Nagar, Viman Nagar Corner, Opp Phoenix Market City, Vadgaon Sheri, Pune - 411014

Fitness Types

  • Bollywood Freestyle
  • Bharatnatyam - (Basic Level)
    Upto 30% off limited period offer
    800 560
  • Waacking Dance - 8 sessions
  • Kathak - 8 sessions
  • Bharatnatyam - (Advance Batch)
  • Advance Bollywood Dance - 12 sessions
  • Bollywood For Teenagers - 8 sessions
  • Bollywood Freestyle - 12 sessions (Advance Level)
  • Bollywood Freestyle (12 Sessions) (Basic Level)
    Upto 44% off limited period offer
    1500 840
  • Bollywood Dance For Adults - 8 sessions
    Upto 48% off limited period offer
    2000 1050
  • Contemporary (8 Sessions)
    Upto 48% off limited period offer
    2000 1050
  • Dance For Kids - 8 sessions
    Upto 58% off limited period offer
    2000 840
  • Bachata Dance - 12 sessions (Couple Membership)
  • Bollywood Dance For Adults - 24 sessions
    Upto 33% off limited period offer
    6000 4000
  • Bollywood Freestyle - 36 sessions (Basic Level)
  • Hip Hop - 36 sessions
    Upto 20% off limited period offer
    5000 4000
  • Dance For Kids - 36 sessions
    Upto 18% off limited period offer
    6000 4900
  • Bollywood Freestyle - 36 sessions (Advance Level)
    Upto 18% off limited period offer
    6000 4900
  • Bollywood Freestyle - 72 sessions (Basic Level)
  • Hip Hop - 72 sessions
    Upto 23% off limited period offer
    11000 8499
  • Bollywood Freestyle - 72 sessions (Advance Level)
    Upto 14% off limited period offer
    12000 10300
  • Bollywood Freestyle - 144 sessions (Basic Level)
    Upto 22% off limited period offer
    14400 11250
  • Hip Hop - 144 sessions
    Upto 22% off limited period offer
    22000 17250
  • Bollywood Freestyle - 144 sessions (Advance Level)
    Upto 17% off limited period offer
    25000 20850
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Air Conditioned
Changing Room
  • Free Parking


Shree Dance Academy(SDA) was established 11th April 2008.The academy is located at Wadgaonsheri, Pune in Shree Gym and Health Club. SDA is blessed with versatile young choreographer Rahul Murumkar, who is well versed in all dance forms- Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Contemporary, Zumba etc. The academy is reputable for being one of the safest and reliable dance destinations for kids under the supervision of Mrs. Mrunal Sawant (Director of SDA). We always count the support and valuable guidance of Mr.Ganesh Galande ( Director and owner of Shree Gym and Health Club), who consider the Dance Academy beyond a mere business opportunity. There is a very heart touching story behind the formation of Shree Dance Academy. It all began with an attempt to give a natural and cheerful life to Rohit Sawant, who met with an accident and lost his mental balance. Rohit who was good at study and also wanted to be a good dancer but his dream shattered into pieces after the unexpected accident. As a miracle Rahul Murumkar stood beside him and started teaching him dance with the hope that "dance therapy" might help Rohit to bounce back to normal life. Gradually Rahul started discovering "Rohit" in all the kids who are less blessed by almighty. Finally they decided to open a dance class where they can train kids who are less blessed by almighty and those who belong to extremely poor family along with regular students. Now it is a regular practice of SDA to train the unprivileged children honorary and provide them opportunity in all the major events of SDA. SDA also provides funds for unprivileged children in many contexts. Apart from performing in and outside of Pune, the professional crew of SDA also perform for social awareness campaign like World Aids Day , World Cancer Day etc. Students of SDA had made their appearance in dance reality show like DID, Chak Dhoom Dhoom etc. Viewers across the globe saluted the Spirit of Rohit Sawant and effort of SDA when Rohit's clip was broadcasted in Zee TV’s DID Little Champ. Bollywood’s prominent choreographer couldn't resist herself and comes to shake her legs in an event at Balewadi Stadium, Pune. Looking at social responsibilities that SDA is performing overlooking its commercial profits some of silver screen celebrities blessed us with their presence in our annual event. In 2008 actor-director Mahesh Kothari appeared for SDA annual event. We are grateful to ace choreographer Terence Lewis who blessed us with his presence in 2010 annual event. SDA organizes an annual event in no loss -no profit basis every year. The funds raised from entry passes are spent for the welfare of unprivileged children. In a very short span of 3 years SDA not only established as dance institute but also mark its step as a key contributor to social welfare in Pune. We want to grow more. We want spread more happiness among the unprivileged children. In our journey we always seek your blessing, support and assistance.


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