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No.8, Ground Floor, Bandra Hindu Association School, Off Linking Road, Lane Opposite Amarsons, Near Royal Enfield Showroom, Bandra West, Mumbai - 400054
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''Fighting Fit is not about just fighting in the ring or in street it's a battle within''. This is a belief focal to the fighting fit philosophy and drives our martial art training and fitness programs. Fighting Fit started as the brainchild of Shihan Hemal Shah in 1997 and has grown from a relatively small operation to an organization that embraces martial arts as a way to reach a wider audience. In his own words “I have been a martial artist since almost 3 decades and have reached a high level of proficiency in different forms of Marital arts. A 6th Dan in jujitsu, 6th Dan in Kickboxing, 4th Dan in Karate, awarded hall of fame by US Martial arts association, a Member and Director with the International Street Fight Union, a Member of World Kobudo Federation, are enough credentials to call myself an expert in martial arts. Having established that, I have been a part of the fitness industry for over two decades gaining experience training clients, learning, updating, researching, devising programs for clients and trainers and associating with other fitness experts. The courses that are offered at Fighting Fit therefore, are a combination of the best of both martial arts and fitness.” Our philosophy is, we will help anyone who is interested irrespective of their background (style or art they are practicing) or the institutes they are affiliated with. We at Fighting Fit believe that Martial Arts needs to be taken beyond the general perception i.e. from the art of mara mari into a flexible and effective part of our fitness routine. It can be a powerful tool for a body and mind transformation. "You don't have to be Jackie chan": At fighting fit - we won't make you do impossible but more things will become possible for you. We at Fighting Fit combine ancient martial art techniques with modern scientific training principles to develop a program that is suited to the needs of the current time. This way we help individuals and groups to achieve their various goals such as fitness, self defence, weight loss / inch loss, or just a love of martial art. So whether you are working mother, or retired dadaji, a youngster with excess energy, a stressed out professional or a model trying to tone up for his/her next break, there is something for everyone. 'Relevant and effective are the keywords' Although the program might look like a regular martial arts class to a person observing from outside, the program actually incorporates all the major fitness principles of aerobic-anaerobic exercises, resistance training, circuit interval training, progressive overload etc. Our classes and programs are customized and designed with great care. It is not just a mix of disconnected training philosophies, but a blend of principles, combined well to it keep them relevant and effective yet a lot of fun. ''There are no bad students, only bad teachers'' Just by learning how to kick and punch one can’t become an instructor! To teach and get the same form from others is a completely different ball game. One can easily end up with injury. To avoid the same, Shihan Hemal has developed a special Instructor Training program at Fighting Fit. The program lays special emphasis on injury prevention for clients and trainers alike. We are proud to say that we are the only fitness academy in India that teaches proper pad work. Holding the pads to make client / student do kicks and punches from day one, improving their form while maintaining their heart rate for better fitness over the entire workout period, is a skill which every Fighting Fit instructor has to acquire. A Fighting Fit certified instructor has upper hand. They are not only able to get the clients fitness level up but with proper foot and pad work they can even train more clients back to back without getting tired. ''innovation is the name of the game” Again are proud to say that we are the only fitness academy in India who teaches the use of props while training for any of our programs. The props could be a dumbbell, barbell, thera-bands, swiss ball, bosu ball, kettlebell, aerobic steppers,chairs etc for effective training, fitness or skill development for martial arts.



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