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3A, Ram Mohan Garden Lane, Raikva 5th Floor, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700010
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3.0 The insides! ;
US Ushmi Saha

To Whomsoever it may concern Dear Sir/Maam, This is an ex-member of Rush Fitness Studio Saltlake, bringing to your notice, every small important detail of what happens in this branch, irrespective of what the higher authorities know or do about it. I became a member of this highly-esteemed gym on 5th of November19, paying an advance, one-time whopping admission fee of almost 30K, and continued my workout till 18th of March20, which was barely 4.5 months, after which Covid had hit the city and the gym was closed for an indefinite period of time. It was reopened on 1st of September20 (after 5.5 months) and I did continue till 4th of November and very shortly the Branch head/manager invariably, quite according to my speculation, asked for the renewal of my membership. They didnt even bother to talk about extension of the expiry date of the membership, let alone talking about refund!! I replied to them twice that I would like to continue my workout, unhindered for atleast 4 months, before I renew my membership. They said they would want me to renew the membership for 3 months (that costs more than annual membership fee obviously!!), for which 1 month of Gym services would come to me for free! I disagreed to it and asked for annual membership instead, which was readily denied to me, for reasons unknown! What business strategy, eh!! And the Branch head did not even find it important to talk to me, about me not wanting to renew the same. She thought she would only talk to me via the receptionist and the work would be done. Did she even raise this grievance ticket to the higher authorities if it was not within her means to resolve the issue? Now comes the actual nitty gritty! Let me start from the trivial issues before I delve into serious ones. The free parkings for the members, which is actually a hype during their business pitch to any new member, have been halved from 15 to 7! And hence the members have to pay Rs.40 almost everyday, and the authority takes no pain, pays no heed to redeem the same or do anything about it. And obviously Covid still remains the root cause of all their problems! As one goes into the ladies restroom all sweaty, one would not find any paper towel in the dispenser, as the ladies are expected to wipe off their faces with the towels that have been used while being on the floor! I personally have seen a member tearing off toilet papers and wiping off her sweat. My repeated requests to House keepings have always turned a deaf ear to the authority. They said everything would be fixed post Pujas, which never happened. The house-keepings are perhaps ordered to keep the ACs off, or some kind of a number-of-member to number-of-AC ratio is maintained out there, I dont know. The one near the boxing bag never worked since Nov19! Coming to HIIT and ABS classes in pre-covid era! They only happened when there were more than 4 members in the group.. and those group classes, that I definitely paid for, therefore, at times, never happened. Coming to Zumba classes of the weekends in pre covid times! ZIN Ryaan used to be there for both the days and I must say, he was extremely good and an expert in his field. But all of a sudden, another guy used to come and danced on cheap Bollywood numbers and I felt I was being choreographed for some group dance for Non-bengali weddings!! I can count the number of days since November19 when the steam bath facility was available to us. It is needless to say, I had paid for that too. But never did I ask for the calculated, proportionate refund for the same. But Rush didnt budge to ask for membership renewal just when they wanted to. Lastly, I would like to mention that I am a school teacher and I dont teach toddlers or kids. Do I reduce my teaching quality in class because the students dont pay me more and extra in private tuitions? Do I only impart top-notch education in private tuitions? Likewise, even after paying a hefty amount, why would one absolutely have the need of another Personal trainer paying some more money? Why doesnt Rush provide us with general trainers? The trainers simply stand and never guide people who are not their personal trainees. And by the way, there is such a dearth of good, educated trainers in the gym that general members dont know whats wrong and whats correct with their workouts! And by chance, if a trainer shows or teaches or guides any other member, without profiting Rush, that person is doomed for good! The authorities accuse him of taking money under the table and unknowingly offend the member who is entirely against unfair means. The technical head who was present in salt lake branch, at least used to renew our cards, after the stipulated amount of time. Even he does not work here now and hence the members have to rely upon whatever the floor manager decides for them. What about the business pitch of Rush providing us with an experienced technical head who has full knowledge of what kind of training a particular member requires? I am writing to you, not to be in the limelight, not to get back to Rush fitness or not for any other ulterior motive. I am telling you all these because you need to know whats happening and how the branch manager is not putting up the issues to the higher authorities, the ones that she cant resolve. GSTs are paid when services are received and enjoyed! But we paid GSTs just like that!!! Except for instrumental usage, Rush- saltlake doesnt provide the members with anything better, I can vouch for what I am saying. Rush, being such a high-end and reputed gym should evolve with every passing day and not dwell upon trivial problems and diminish its worth instead. I have left the gym 2 days back and I have reconciled to the fact that I have donated the money of 5 months to this branch. But I dont think I am going back to it anymore nor am I recommending Rush-saltlake to anyone either. If you all discern into these matters at the earliest and resolve them, members would flow in. If you dont, there would be many others who would inevitably leave and go somewhere else. Thank you, Ushmi Saha. (An ex-member of Rush Fitness Studio Saltlake)

5 months ago

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