Move With Groove

Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road  |   View on map
Sukh Sadan Apartment, Flat No. 197, 5th floor,Karnani Estate, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700017
  • Bollywood For Toddlers - 4 sessions
    Upto 42% off limited period offer
    1200 700
  • Bollywood For Adults - 4 sessions
    Upto 20% off limited period offer
    2000 1600
  • Bollywood For Adults - 8 sessions
    Upto 23% off limited period offer
    3100 2400
  • Bollywood For Adults - 12 sessions
    Upto 25% off limited period offer
    4000 3000
  • Bollywood For Adults - 20 sessions
    Upto 25% off limited period offer
    6000 4500
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Air Conditioned
Changing Room


    Move with Groove is a state of the art DANCE FITNESS & TECHNICAL DANCE STUDIO in the heart of KOLKATA, with a vision of fitness through specially designed dance & workouts. It offers you an equilibrium between extensive dance workout routines with the goodness and serenity of YOGA. A wide variety of dance workout forms to cater ones individual needs which breaks the humdrum of everyday workout regime. MOVE WITH GROOVE provides a platform for dancers to come and learn variant Western and Eastern Technical dance forms for Adults and kids. The firm is highly renowned with 1 Air-Conditioned studio having world-class sound systems, lighting & ambience.The studio is owned propertie of considerably high worth. Making its name in the business, the firm enjoys the trust, reliance & popularity of the entire society. The institute works on the holistic development of a student with dance as the base & caters to a wide age range, right from toddlers of 3 years to homemakers of up to 60 years.



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