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Khirod Plaza, 2nd Floor, Khatipura Road, Near Deep Hospital, Jhotwara, 302012

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  • Gym Membership + Group Activities
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  • Gym Membership + Group Activities
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  • Personal Training
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    6000 5000
  • Gym Membership + Group Activities
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  • Personal Training
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    15000 12000
  • Gym Membership + Group Activities
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  • Gym Membership + Group Activities
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    10000 8099
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Air Conditioned
Locker Room
Changing Room
  • Free Parking


Vikfit is a Company incorporated under The Companies Act 1956 with the main objective to establish natural Fitness centers for building positive health (physical, moral, social and spiritual), through setting up a chain of high end Gymnasium and Spa Centers for self–development, under the brand name Vikfit at various other locations in Jaipur, Delhi and NCR.


Reviews (1)

JM Jai Mishra

DONT JOIN VIKFIT UNLESS YOU WANT UNPROFESSIONAL TREATMENT HERE I got *SLIPED DISC* in my neck because of the amateur, inexperienced and unprofessional training provided by the trainer Mr. BHANU. I was on bed rest for approx 1 month. Due to him, I am now unable to do a lot of normal day to day work which I was able to do before. I have left the gym now and considering taking a *LEGAL ACTION* against the Gym. I have consulted Advocates, Doctor and Physiotherapist regarding this matter. What I recommend from my bitter experience is - 1). Don't join Vikfit. Not only because of this mishappening but also that here you will not be getting any good training which you can easily get at any other gym nearby. 2). If you have already joined Vikfit, Don't listen to this trainer Mr. Bhanu. You will surely get any medical condition following his amateur training. You decide what is best suited to you till you complete your subscription and join some other gym. All I can do is at least prevent some other person from such bad experience to happen to him/her. ?

9 years ago

Opening Hours

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Monday to Saturday :   06:00 am to 10:00 pm
Sunday :   08:00 am to 02:00 pm

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