Jukaado Academy Of Martial Arts

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C/O Secunderabad Public School, Near YMCA, Nehrunagar, West Marredpally, Hyderabad - 500026

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What is Jukaado? Is it just another Multi martial art? Jukaado is a multi martial art but is different from the others as it retains the originality and philosophy of the martial arts from which it has been created. Jukaado is basically a combination of Judo, Karate ( goju ryu) and Aikido. Besides these martial arts the finer techniques of numerous martial arts like Muay Thai and many more are also incorporated into this form. It is basically unarmed combat training so it is more practically based unlike some other art forms for eg:- Kicking the face in a street fight makes no sense, infact could be a bit risky too. Instead a kick to the thigh or knees would be just perfect. Jukaado is not only about beating people up it is like most traditional oriental martial arts a way of life. The techniques of Jukaado are very efficient that no matter how or with what you are attacked in just three moves including the block the attacker is immobilized. The training of Jukaado is like three concentric circles - The first and outer circle is the body which we train, condition and strengthen into a weapon where flesh and bones become like forged steel, the second and middle circle is the mind where we in due course of training make the mind and will power strong so that the mind controls the body, the third and innermost circle is the spirit where we are in a continuous process of aligning the body, mind and soul. Growing as better human beings

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