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No 6B, Harley Road, Near Anjappar Hotel, Kilpauk, Chennai - 600010

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This is where your life changes. Our workout programs are a class apart - Slick 30 minute HIIT modules, Hardcore powerlifting clinics, Gruelling body transformation boot camps, Yoga, Combat, Bodybuilding. Name it and we’ll game it. You are now finished with mediocrity, Slam is here to turn you into a superhuman! The fitness mantra of SLAM is to keep our programs simple, timeless and results based, all our programs overlap at some level and are completely scalable from a beginner to competitive level. Our coaches are trained in strength, bodybuilding and functional fitness, our workout spaces are fully equipped without wasting any space on gimmicks, the gym comes with a clear focus on results and goal setting. Our mission is to take great service, facilities, coaching and top of the line programming to every neighbourhood at an affordable price.


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AM Alameen M

15 Sep : I posted a review few days before on the experience I faced on vepery SLAM gym. Today when I went to the gym asusual to do my workouts, one of the trainers indirectly commented on me and was repeatedly calling the name SOLOMAN and was enquiring about to return to the gym.. His tone was as if intending to threaten me and to warn me that the situation will get worse if that so called SOLOMAN comes.. Such a creepy behaviour.. Surprised to have such an experience from a reputed gym. Note : The below post is just a matter of WATER.. Be Human ???? 13 Sep : I ve been going to SLAM gym for quite some time. They already informed about rules they follow at the time of joining itself which includes the restriction of providing water. They asked us to bring our own bottles and the same is being followed by everyone of us so far. Today, I had to do some extra work-out and I was totally dehydrated. The water which I brought was also over. Hence I approached one of the gym trainers for water and they upfront denied to give me saying that management would not allow to give water and that was already communicated to all the members. I explained them am getting dizzy and need some water but still they stood on their words. That was very shocking and disappointing, thinking that how people can be so rude and rigid in these matters.. I understand it is a management rule which cannot be breached and I agree to it. But that does not apply on all situations right? We are all humans and if basic humanity is not followed then what is the point of earning so much? If they are so concerned, then they can provide water during emergencies and also charge for it later. But refusing to give water is really very inhuman.. I am 99% satisfied with SLAM but this 1% spoils the entire image on them.

3 years ago

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