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No 18, 1st Floor Station Road, Opposite Bakya Fast Foods,West Mambalam, Mambalam, Chennai - 600033

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Air Conditioned
Locker Room
  • Mobile Charging Point
  • Rubber Floor
  • Street Parking
  • Medical Kit

Reviews (3)

5.0 Best gym
C Chandru

This gym best for me.. because instructor H.raja good person..he told best workout plan and diet control the tips useful for my body..I love it..????

10 months ago
5.0 Its always good gym

Its gym very well to work out for less fees & benefits more best workout & best trainers..

10 months ago
AV Arpana Vaidhyanathan

DO NOT PAY YEARLY (As they will brain wash to pay yearly, try for monthly basis even if you pay some rs.1000..if satisfied..then decide) NOT WORTH..MONEY GOT WASTED..GYM INSTRUCTOR MR.RAJA SELFISHNESS..LOOKING FOR ONLY HIS BENEFIT.. I went to arrow fitness gym as it was very close to my house. Ask for the monthly payment as for girls/especially ladies/housewife/having kid might not be able to continue for xyz reasons for a longer period OR might have lots of breaks. It is always better to pay on monthly basis as here they will insist you to pay on yearly basis saying it will be more profitable... They told monthly it is Rs.1000 , rs.5000 for 6 months and Rs.6000 for year as offer is going on(where yearly the price is Rs.8000 generally). It is always better to pay Rs.1000 every month compared to year on a safer side. 1. You can quit anytime, if you feel that you are not OK for what you have paid and also when you wanna discontinue at any time for xyz/personal reasons. 2. You will be given more attention as the gym instructor/master knows that you will not continue if they dont help/teach/guide you properly. NOTE: ladies especially do not pay yearly, your money will be wasted. Even in my case, i just couldnt able to go gym for more than 2months for some personal reasons. I made Mr.Raja understand my situations as lady handling kid alone in Chennai where my husband is in USA but he refuse to refund or extend gym services. HE IS JUST LOOKING HIS BENEFIT, ONCE THE MONEY IS PAID. NOT EVEN READY TO CONSIDER MY SITUATION. If have paid monthly as decided, it would have been benefit me..As only Rs.1000-Rs.2000 i would have paid. Not only me , many ladies here they try to come regularly but couldnt able to..they have lots of break in between and finally end up utilizing less gym service for what they paid..

2 years ago

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Monday to Saturday :   06:00 am to 10:00 pm

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