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Frequently Ask Questions

Growfitter is giving Gold's Gym member a lifetime offer for which member has to come regularly to the Gym for a workout. Buy Annual Membership, Workout for 250 Days out of 365 Days and fly to Singapore.
You have to Workout for 250 Days out of 365 Days and then only you get Singapore to return tickets.
You have to CHECK IN by scanning the FITKIT QR Code and mandatorily CHECK OUT through APP before leaving the gym. Please note CHECK IN - CHECK OUT is mandatory for valid attendance
Existing members of Gold's Gym who have to pay nominal fees for enrollment in the program and New members have to purchase the Annual membership
Yes, if you clock valid 250 sessions out of 365 days then you get assured return ticket to Singapore.

Terms & Conditions

Offer Terms & Condition:

  1. To avail, the rewards & cashback offer member has to purchase through / Growfitter TAB & Growfitter Partner Dashboard Only.
  2. Participation to the Reward or Cashback offer is voluntary.
  3. Member does not object if his/her photograph/ shooting/ recording/ testimonial use for promotion/advertising on social website like ( Facebook, Instagram & etc) and/or on any other media/platform worldwide and shall release Growfitter from all liability that may arise from taking his/her photograph/ shooting/ recording/ testimonial.
  4. Members shall avail the facility at their own risk and liability, Gold’s Gym & Growfitter will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the same.
  5. Tracking of the workout days member has to download the FITKIT by Growfitter App from Play Store and App Store.
  6. Counting of workout days/sessions starts from the date of Joining Date which is mentioned on Growfitter during purchase.
  7. Rights of Admission is Reserved by Gold’s Gym & Growfitter.
  8. FITKIT app access is valid only for the period mentioned on the Growfitter voucher.
  9. Fees once paid cannot be refunded under any circumstances.
  10. Space available for usage to members may be increased/decreased as per the circumstances/availability.
  11. Every time member comes to the gym first they need to CHECK IN and have to spend minimum 30 mins in the Gym for a workout before they CHECK OUT by pressing the button on App. The maximum CHECK OUT time is 120 mins. If a member misses out on CHECK IN & CHECK OUT then they don’t get the attendance.
  12. If a member completes verified 250 days out of 365 days during the tenure of his yearly membership; then only they will get the Singapore Return ticket for one person.
  13. The offer is void if the membership is transferred to someone else or feezed.
  14. The session attendance will be verified by Growfitter at the end of the tenure and based on that reward will be given.
  15. Refunds/modifications to memberships purchased are at the sole discretion of Fitness Centre & Growfitter.
  16. Any modification to the offer & rewards is subjective to change.
  17. In terms of any Damage or Injury or Any Item Lost of an individual Growfitter is not responsible for the same.
  18. Any fraudulent activity which will lead to the cancellation of the Reward/Cashback Offer without any justification or intimidation to the customer. Growfitter will block the account and can claim the compensation from the individual.
  19. No staff/representative of Gold’s Gym either outsourced or contractual can avail these offer if found such activity; Growfitter will block the account and can claim the compensation from the individual.
  20. The fraudulent activity includes but not limited to, Scanning away from Gym, Gym Non Operation Days or Time, Login in Multiple Devices/Mobile Phones, Mobile Number logged in Multiple Devices, Person Scanning with Two Phones, Person Scanning with Two Phones with multiple logins, Person Scanning for His/her Friends, Family or Companion, Staff or Trainer scanning for the member etc. will lead to the cancellation of the Reward/Cashback Offer without any justification or intimidation to the customer. Growfitter will block the account and can claim the compensation from the individual.
  21. The customer cannot hold fitness centre responsible for any app related issue or Gym is closed on public holidays or maintenance days. All such days will be counted in the system.
  22. After successfully completing the 250 days out of 365 days, the member has to inform 60 days prior with the choice of dates for travel, Valid Passport and Visa application. Based on the valid passport and visa application, Entire trip booking mandatorily has to be booked via Growfitter or Growfitter affiliated booking partners only. The return ticket will be given only from Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi. The customer has to travel to these cities on their own for the trip. Send the valid documents on
  23. Any complaints or query will be addressed in Jurisdiction of Mumbai Only.
  24. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency about the above terms of this Reward and or Cashback offer, the decision of Growfitter is final.
  25. For any technical issue related to Scanning or App. Please contact Growfitter Support Team Only. Call +91-8080823333 (Mon - Fri: 10 AM to 7 PM) or write us at