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Earn Reward Worth Rs 10 Crores

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Frequently Ask Questions

Growfitter is giving Talwalkars’ members the opportunity to choose from a list of rewards. Each reward can be earned by achieving the fitness goal attached to it.
Fitness goals are the number of days a member has to work out at a Talwalkars’ gym in order to earn their selected reward.
Fitness goals are achieved by working out at a Talwalkars gym for the mentioned number of days within a set number of days in a selected reward. The number of days may vary from reward to reward.
A visit is counted when a member spends a minimum of 30 minutes at a stretch working out at a Talwalkars gym. He/she must use his/her smartphone and scan in upon entering the reception and scan out while leaving using Growfitter’s Fitkit APP. Scanning is only allowed at the reception.
Every person with a Talwalkars Gym Membership.
Yes, It is applicable only in the case of Honda Activa 5G, iPhone XS Max and Hyundai i10 Era. Lucky draw will be held on 31/03/2020 in case there are more members eligible than the available quantity of the same reward.

Terms & Conditions

Offer Terms & Condition:

  1. To avail, the rewards & cashback offer member has to purchase through / Growfitter TAB &Growfitter Partner Dashboard Only.
  2. Participation to the Fitness Ki Kamai offer is voluntary.
  3. Member does not object if his/her photograph/ shooting/ recording/ testimonial use for promotion/advertising on social website like ( Facebook, Instagram & etc) and/or on any other media/platform worldwide and shall release Talwalkars from all liability that may arise from taking his/her photograph/ shooting/ recording/ testimonial.
  4. Members shall avail the facility at their own risk and liability, Talwalkars & Growfitter will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from the same.
  5. Tracking of the workout days member has to download the FITKIT by Growfitter App from Play Store and App Store.
  6. Counting of workout days/sessions starts from the date of Joining Date which is mentioned on Growfitter during purchase.
  7. Rights of Admission is Reserved by Talwalkars & Growfitter.
  8. Gym Membership is valid only after signing of Disclaimer forms provided by Talwalkars.
  9. Gym membership is valid only for the period mentioned on the Invoice/Receipt of Talwalkars.
  10. Fees once paid cannot be refunded under any circumstances.
  11. Space available for usage to members may be increased/decreased as per the circumstances/availability.
  12. Every time member comes to the gym first they need to CHECK IN and have to spend minimum 30 mins in the Gym for a workout before they CHECK OUT by scanning the QR Code kept at the gym. If the member misses out then they don’t get the attendance.
  13. If a member completes verified 250 days out of 365 days during the tenure of his yearly membership; the cash back will be credited back into the Growfitter wallet. And next year (which starts after the expiry of 365 days from the Joining date mentioned on Growfitter) this cashback can be used to spend on Talwalkars Gym - Only.
  14. For Existing Customer or Customer who has purchased Fitness Ki Kamai Program for Existing Member i.e have paid Rs. 1178. Then they are eligible for cashback amount of Rs.12500 only.
  15. Member earning Insurance cover reward For Insurance Cover Member has to share the basic details like DOB, Nominee Name, Relation, Occupation for getting the cover. That details will be shared with Insurance Company.
  16. The offer is void if the membership is transferred to someone else or freezed.
  17. The session attendance will be verified by Growfitter at the end of the Short Term, Mid Term and Long Term tenure and based on that cashback or rewards will be given.
  18. Refunds/modifications to memberships purchased are at the sole discretion of Fitness Centre & Growfitter.
  19. Any modification to the offer & rewards is subjective to change.
  20. In terms of any Damage or Injury or Any Item Lost of an individual Growfitter is not responsible for the same.
  21. Any fraudulent activity like Scanning away from Gym, Gym Non Operation Days or Time, Login in Multiple Devices/Mobile Phones, Mobile Number logged in Multiple Devices, Person Scanning with Two Phones, Person Scanning with Two Phones with multiple logins, Person Scanning for His/Her Friends, Family or Companion, Staff or Trainer scanning for the member etc. will lead to the cancellation of the Reward/Cashback Offer without any justification or intimidation to the customer. Growfitter will block the account and can claim the compensation from the individual.
  22. Any fraudulent activity will lead to the cancellation of the Reward/Cashback Offer without any justification or intimidation to the customer. Growfitter will block the account and can claim the compensation from the individual.
  23. No staff/representative of Talwalkars either outsourced or contractual can avail these offer if found such activity; Growfitter will block the account and can claim the compensation from the individual.
  24. Any complaints or query will be addressed in Jurisdiction of Mumbai Only.
  25. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency about above terms of this Fitness Ki Kamai offer, the decision of Growfitter is final.
  26. For any technical issue related to Scanning or App. Please contact Growfitter Support Team Only. Call +91-8080823333 (Mon - Fri: 10 AM to 7 PM) or write us at

Growfitter FITKIT Wallet Terms & Condition:

  1. Growfitter FITKIT Wallet is the closed system PPI.
  2. Closed system PPI is defined under the said direction as follows: These PPIs are issued by an entity for facilitating the purchase of goods and services from that entity only and do not permit cash withdrawal. As this instrument cannot be used for payments or settlement for third-party services, the issuance and operation of such an instrument are not classified as payment systems requiring approval/authorization by the RBI.
  3. FITKIT Wallet is the instrument to park money in your Growfitter FITKIT Account as a cashback balance and can be used only for purchase on
  4. Balance in Growfitter FITKIT wallet doesn't bear any interest.
  5. This cashback amount is expired within a year after the cashback is credited in the Growfitter FITKIT Wallet.
  6. The Cashback balance is non-transferable and or non-refundable.
  7. No other discount coupon or offer of Growfitter can be clubbed in a purchase where Cashback amount is sought to be used.
  8. These terms can be amended, modified or withdrawn by Growfitter at any time without notice.
  9. Definition of Growfitter FITKIT Cashback: Cashback in Growfitter FITKIT wallet is a points/reward/incentive which a customer gets if they work out for 250 days out of 365 days in a respective fitness centre.
  10. The cashback amount in Growfitter Wallet is valid for 180 days post it is given to the eligible member. Post which the cashback amount is expired.
  11. will not provide any actual cashback i.e. or hard cash or a bank transfer to any of the members. It will be a cashback only in Growfitter FITKIT wallet.