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Zorba A Renaissance



Types of Yoga

  • Meditation
  • Power Yoga
  • Stretches

Membership Plans


Zorba - 12 sessions (3 days/week)


Zorba - 24 sessions (6 days/week)


Zorba - 72 sessions (6 days/week)


Zorba - 36 sessions (3 days/week)


Zorba - 72 sessions (3 days/week)


Zorba - 144 sessions (6 days/week)


Zorba - 144 sessions (3 days/week)


Zorba - 288 sessions (6 days/week)

Session Schedule

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At Zorba, the wisdom of the sages manifests itself in the form of Yoga. With 6 different courses and 8 distinctive therapies, we offer an exclusive and holistic approach towards better living. Our the ....

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At Zorba, the wisdom of the sages manifests itself in the form of Yoga. With 6 different courses and 8 distinctive therapies, we offer an exclusive and holistic approach towards better living. Our therapies are designed to cure ailments in the most natural and effective way. At Zorba, you can be rest assured that you shall overcome the ailments that have concerned you. Zorba as an institute is distinctive; as we go beyond borders and help you empower your spirit and lead a life of limitless passion. So, join us and embark upon the harmonious journey of life with Zorba. Life is a long journey that paves the way for many experiences that we go through. They keep changing us as time passes by. 21 years on this path may not be long, but the thoughts of pursuing my higher studies instilled in me by those around me made me ponder on what I have achieved and done for the betterment of the world. This lead to a lot of contemplation on my part, and now, I have been able to make a difference. Zorba- A Renaissance Studio. A small initiative towards a bigger dream. The inspiration and motivation towards this initiative was given to me by my beloved Guruji, who is also the Guiding Light of ZORBA. Meaning of ZORBA- "A person who lives life fully each day." Zorba - A Renaissance Studio- helps you flourish and experience inner peace. We offer 14 different holistic approaches towards mental and physical wellness. We aim at not only treating a symptom, but treating the system. We get down to the root of any problem. I started with my Guruji when I was 17. At this point I was playing cricket intensively. The predominant reason why I started Zorba was, I saw a difference in 6 vertices. Professional, personal, social, physical, mental and financial. I was fortunate enough to travel with the IPL teams. I hadn't played or signed for any team, but I did have the opportunity to practice with them, bowl for them and so on. I realised that, the least I could do was spread this word and make sure I reach out to as many people as I can. Zorba, our Vision, Mission, and Why we have been successful. Our story is of the one constant in life- change. Zorba literally means to ‘Live each day’, rather than just exist. We help you embrace change and channel it, so that you realize the strength and potential within you. We strive to empower you with all that you need to create the life that you want. We want to help you achieve a state of mind that makes you peaceful, motivated, energized and creative every single day; to open yourself to unimaginable possibilities. We offer 6 different courses and 8 distinctive therapies, which, with their holistic approach and natural healing methods, help you tackle the root of your ailment. Each of these can be customized to suit your individual needs, by in-house experts. From lifestyle diseases and hormonal imbalances to stress, from weight management and counselling therapies to boosting your child’s memory, we have effective solutions to a host of problems. VISION To make Zorba synonymous with happy identities. MISSION To enable the individual create and be part of an evolving community through physical, mental, and emotional fitness, achieved through yoga, meditation, and dance, and to provide for the same through state-of-the-art studios and lifestyle products. A few unique Yoga techniques that we teach are Aqua yoga, Rope yoga, Basketball yoga, etc. WHY HAVE WE BEEN SUCCESSFUL? •At Zorba, we focus on spreading happiness and health, nourishing the body, mind, and soul. •We are reclaiming Yoga and making it our own. •We offer 14 different forms of yoga, 12 forms of meditation, 122 types of pranayama, various dance fitness modules, and dance meditation, breaking away from the monotony of everyday life. • We have realized the benefits of the different types of yoga and have adopted an eclectic approach in training our clients. COMPANY OVERVIEW: Zorba was started on 1st December 2013 to fulfil Mr SarveshShashi's vision for a better and happier world. The first studio was opened in the basement of Dewa Towers at Mount Road, Chennai, which currently serves as our head office. On 10th September 2014, our second studio was opened at the beautiful Harrington Road, Chennai. The third studio was established at Anna Nagar, Chennai on the International Yoga Day. Zorba is one of the few firms that successfully established three outlets in a short span of just 18 months. We have been fortunate to have made an impact on 2000 lives from the day of our inception on December 1st 2013. We have developed a lifestyle around a brand. We recently released a very interesting book titled Karmaa Kitchen- A Kitchen with Karmic Sense- by Pankhuri Agarwal, who also happens to be the Director of the Divinatory Therapies division in our SCHOOL. School? Yes, we are officially affiliated to the Gov. of India and can certify people as yoga teachers, energy healers, and teachers of 48 more courses. We have our own blog, our own brand of Merchandise, and so much more to offer. Zorba is currently in the process of starting 12 more outlets across 7 cities. Since we have been successful in our first few ventures, we also plan to start around 50 studios across smaller towns to serve residents and try to encourage a sense of understanding towards the advantages of alternative medicine. Zorba also offers specially designed corporate programs and short camps for corporates. The programs are personalised to meet specific needs of any organization, with solutions for stress management, weight loss, and overall well-being, using various yoga techniques and dance forms like Zumba. Classes can be taken in the mornings as well as evenings as required. We are happy to meet with you and discuss further so as to design a customized program that will best suit your needs. So mark a date and join us!



  • Air Conditioned
  • Changing Room
  • Free Parking
  • Music
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  • Total Trainers


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  • Yoga  Open For Unisex

Ground floor, Opp Skyline Theatre, Madhu Nivas Basheergabh, himayatnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana - 500029

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