India’s Fittest City Challenge

Lead the fitness revolution in your city and create history

Join the challenge, walk & refer to win rewards and make your city the fittest city in India!

Walk & Refer to win total rewards worth up to Rs 50 Lacs

Rs 5 Lacs prize pool

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Participating cities

Delhi (Delhi)

Bling is king in the nation’s capital, but everyone knows health is the most valuable form of wealth. One of the most polluted and populated cities in the world, Delhi could benefit more than any other Indian city by taking on this challenge. Recent reports suggest the air quality in Delhi shortens life by 10 years. The health benefits of walking are countless. So whether it’s a walk in Deer Park, some sight-seeing, or simply to reach a destination, Delhi needs to make this lifestyle change and march towards a better future for all.


42.93 %

Fit population

57.07 %

Unfit population

*Unfit population : residents who are either overweight or obese

Mumbai (Maharashtra)

The city that never sleeps is becoming the city that never walks. It’s no surprise Mumbai traffic lasts for decades, and the air quality is worsening each year. According to a recent report, Mumbai’s air pollution level is 9 times above the WHO limit. Mumbaikars need to ditch their rides every once in a while and walk to get where they’re going. Making time for health improvements is a must. And if we know mumbaikars, winning is a must too.


42.9 %

Fit population

57.1 %

Unfit population

*Unfit population : residents who are either overweight or obese

Kolkata (West Bengal)

While it’s known as India’s bookworm paradise and home of Rosogollas, Kolkata’s passion for sports is as evident as can be. Mohun Bagan was the first Indian club to win the IFA Shield. The Indian team played barefoot & beat the East Yorkshire Regiment. It was a feat that shook the entire British empire and was a big part of India’s freedom struggle. Your feet can lead your home to greatness too.


Bangalore (Karnataka)

The Silicon Valley of India a.k.a. the IT Hub of India. The IT workforce is not known for being the most physically active group. But why fall into a stereotype? Fitness is for everyone. Obesity is reaching epidemic proportions, with around 25% of Bangalore’s city children between the age group of 4 to 12, suffering from obesity.


41.5 %

Fit population

58.5 %

Unfit population

*Unfit population : residents who are either overweight or obese

Chennai (Tamil Nadu)

The health capital of India is also home to the longest natural urban beach in India (second-longest natural urban beach in the world). We can’t think of better places to enjoy a walk than Marina Beach. Yet, Chennai has a below-average daily step count. As Rajnikanth says “Kasta padama ethuvum kidaikathu, Kashtapadaama kedachu ennikum nilaikaadhu.” (You'll gain nothing without hard work. And if you do, it won't last). So let’s work hard to make a long-lasting change for the better, Chennai!


33.61 %

Fit population

66.3 %

Unfit population

*Unfit population : residents who are either overweight or obese

Hyderabad (Telangana)

Nothing like a walk by Hyderabad’s many beautiful lakes after overeating some special Hyderabadi biryani. There’s so much to love about this beautiful city, which also means there’s so much to preserve. According to a recent study, the majority of women in Hyderabad are overweight (51%). Being overweight can create various problems and requires immediate attention. Also, as India’s 4th most populated city, a healthier alternative to crowded public transport will do wonders for this city.


46.69 %

Fit population

53.3 %

Unfit population

*Unfit population : residents who are either overweight or obese

Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

The Manchester of India was ranked third on Forbes’s list of fastest-growing cities of the last decade. Most notably, it is home to Mahatma Gandhi. The father of the nation walked 388 km to defy a British tax on salt in India’s iconic Dandi March. While we can’t promise tax deductions, walking for something great is exactly the kind of tradition the city of Ahmedabad is expected to keep alive.


42.26 %

Fit population

57.7 %

Unfit population

*Unfit population : residents who are either overweight or obese

Pune (Maharashtra)

Badminton’s birthplace is a city with limitless potential. However, Pune has more vehicles than people, and a recent study stated that puneites breathe air 4x more harmful than WHO’s recommended level. The focus on development in the city is something to be proud of, but can Pune make health a priority and stay true to their eco-friendly roots? We believe in you, Pune.


41.08 %

Fit population

58.9 %

Unfit population

*Unfit population : residents who are either overweight or obese

Surat (Gujarat)

The diamond city. 90% of all diamond cutting and polishing in the world takes place in Surat. It’s also home to many textile mills, which cause severe air pollution besides vehicular pollution. Surat could benefit tremendously from walking regularly. Surat is also home to Dandi, the destination of India’s biggest freedom movement- The Dandi March. And walking for something great like the Dandi march is something Surat's residents can be proud of again.


Jaipur (Rajasthan)

The Pink City has a lot to be proud of, but not environmentally. As one of India’s most popular tourist destinations, Jaipur is facing congestion and pollution issues that need immediate attention. Walking frequently would surely make a big difference, but it needs to happen now. The silver lining is that Jaipur residents and visitors can walk freely. It’s impossible to get lost in the Pink City.


Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh)

For the city of nawabs, recent Diwali celebrations have taken huge tolls on the level of air purity, as Diwali is celebrated with huge enthusiasm in Lucknow. Areas like Gomitnagar and Charbagh became unbearable with pollution levels increasing by 250% on Diwali compared to normal nights. To balance things out and improve the air quality, walking among India’s historical richness like Bara Imambara, Chota Imambara or Rumi Darwaza in between, it’s as good as it gets.


Indore (Madhya Pradesh)

Indore is the cleanest city in India, and with traditions like Van Mahotsava (a ritual that involves planting trees), air pollution isn’t a big issue as of now. However, Salman Khan’s hometown claims their love for cricket is unlike any other. Now the Fittest City Challenge provides Indore citizens a chance to showcase their own fitness. What better way to enjoy the cleanest streets of India than with a morning walk after some fluffy poha.


47.62 %

Fit population

52.3 %

Unfit population

*Unfit population : residents who are either overweight or obese

Nagpur (Maharashtra)

The Orange City’s natural parks, lakes, waterfalls and wildlife sanctuaries has made Nagpur extremely popular among nature-lovers across the world. This surreal escape has a lot to preserve, and its residents seem up for the challenge. Home of Rohit Sharma- captain of the Indian cricket team, can Nagpur discover a new leader among the athletes?


Patna (Bihar)

Patna is one of the most polluted cities in India. The quality of air is rarely at a ‘satisfactory’ level. The biggest contributor to the poor quality of air is vehicle emission. Patna has always been connected to public transport. It was one of India’s first places to use horse-drawn trams. Horses didn’t pollute the air like today’s vehicles. Walk while soaking in this city’s rich culture and enjoying Aamir Khan’s favorite- Litti Chokha.


Agra (Uttar Pradesh)

The proud home of the 7th Wonder of the world - Taj Mahal. It is also the largest manufacturer of shoes in the country, and as we all know, shoes were made for walking. When looking for places to walk, it doesn’t get better than the peaceful 70-hectare wooded park featuring paved walking trails & views of the nearby Taj Mahal. Agra stands out as the home of India’s pride. Can Agra stand out as the fittest city of India?


Ludhiana (Punjab)

The cultural and industrial capital of Punjab, known for its countless dyeing units. All IPL jerseys come from Ludhiana’s dyeing units, and it’s also home to many factories, this has caused severe air pollution. The air quality is often over ten times more harmful than the WHO recommended amount. Harmful ash gets accumulated on residents’ rooftops, causing breathing problems and discomfort. Ludhiana’s residents need to do whatever they can to suppress air pollution, walking as an alternative to public transport is a great start. Rampant obesity adds another reason why Ludhiana should make a drastic change and walk for better health


Bhubaneshwar (Odisha)

Known as Temple City, Bhubaneswar is India’s Sports Capital. But as per the results of a large scale survey in 2020, Bhubaneswar had the highest share of overweight respondents. In fact Bhubaneswar’s obesity level is still above the national average. We urge Bhubaneswar to live fitter, and live up to the title of the nation’s sports capital and step up to overcome obesity.


37.1 %

Fit population

62.9 %

Unfit population

*Unfit population : residents who are either overweight or obese

Chandigarh (Punjab)

Chandi Mandir a.k.a. The City Beautiful, is the first planned city of modern India. Not many people know this, but the city is designed according to the structure of the human body. But the beautiful city is in need of fitness motivation. Chandigarh has the highest prevalence of overweight and obesity in older adults (above 45 years of age). We challenge Chandigarh to make the most of the city’s perfectly laid roads, flowers and trees everywhere. Young or old, this beautiful city deserves to be preserved just like the health of its people.


37.9 %

Fit population

62.1 %

Unfit population

*Unfit population : residents who are either overweight or obese

Dehradun (Uttarakhand)

Dehradun enjoys some of the best climate conditions India has to offer. But according to recent reports the average life expectancy of Dehradun residents is reduced by 3.3 years due to air pollution. Home of Lieutenant Colonel Abhinav Apjit Bindra - the first and one of only 2 Indians to win an Individual Olympic Gold Medal. One of the most inspiring sports personalities who never backed down from a challenge. Can the rest of this historically rich city display similar determination as their homegrown fitness icon?


Shimla (Himachal Pradesh)

The famous Queen of Hills is situated among lush valleys and forests. This makes it India’s most popular hill station, but it is paying the price for its popularity. Shimla has become the most polluted hill station in India. While health & fitness is important, we don’t recommend walking in Chudail Boudi. There are many other beautiful & non-haunted places to enjoy long walks in amazing weather conditions. In fact, people living at high altitudes like Shimla, have developed a greater capacity for fitness. This advantage can really help Shimla win the challenge!


Why you should participate

India has the most deaths caused by air pollution worldwide (1.6 million in 2019 alone). And more Indians now die from obesity-related diseases than ever before. Obesity is spreading, more rapidly than anywhere else, in India. We have broken into the top 5 countries in terms of obesity in recent years.

It’s easy to ignore such issues- Making a difference takes effort. But it might be easier than we think. We can and will save countless lives with Growfitter’s Fittest City Challenge, all we need to do is walk.

Most of us lack the motivation to walk regularly in adulthood. That’s why Growfitter aims to help the nation get fit. We provide the motivation and tools needed to make a difference and regain fitness.

Growfitter is launching the Fittest City Challenge on India’s Independence Day (15th August). A tribute to those who fought for India’s freedom. Join us as we fight to free India from countless health problems and premature deaths.

Until now, we had to do our part while blindly trusting the rest to follow. With Growfitter, this trust is no longer blind, and our efforts will always get rewarded.

Let’s see which city emerges as the fittest city of India and wins the challenge. No one loses when the entire country is victorious, but lives will be lost unless we act now. Your home and your country’s future are counting on you.

Be the change you wish to see, one step at a time.

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