The Health Cloud Zone

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No. E7, Arya Samaj Road, Near Growar Sweets, Uttam Nagar, Delhi  - 110059
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The Health Cloud Zone is a community based center for practices that challenge the body and transform the spirit. Yoga is a universal practice that reveals truths relevant to all. It unveils the light at the core of our being and gives us the inner strength to overcome all obstacles in life. Motivated by a deep love of the human condition, we maintain that yoga is a birthright of every human being, and we hence aim to uphold yoga in its highest expression of the Divine for the inspiration of others. In keeping with our mission, we staff experienced instructors that share with practitioners of all levels the proper techniques for fostering growth on the mat and translating those insights off the mat and into the world. We host special workshops and guest teacher residencies to enrich our study and practice of yoga. In order to execute our mission of offering yoga as a universally accessible tool, we make sustained community outreach efforts on multiple fronts, including donation-based community classes, active fund-raising for charitable causes, and ongoing public opportunities for integral practice and collaborative growth. The Health Cloud ZoneThe Health Cloud Zone unique approach to yoga is rooted in exercise science and focuses on safety. Each Yoga Teacher Training class includes a warm-up, the yoga workout, a cool-down and it addresses all five components of fitness: cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, and flexibility


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